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Discover the most effective, non-invasive 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
treatment known to science

CTS is one of the most studied ailments because of how common it is. Decades of research has shown one treatment to be particularly effective. Read on to learn more…

You’re working long hours at your desk week after week—typing away furiously at your keyboard trying to rush out that report.

You get up to go get a glass of water. As you pick up a glass, a sharp pain shoots up your wrist to your forearm. Your grip is weak and you can’t hold the glass properly.


Carpal tunnel syndrome—an ailment that affects millions of people every year. Unlike many other types of body pain which stem from the muscles or joints, CTS is a nerve issue.

It occurs when the median nerve—which runs through the upper arm, forearm and ends in the hands and fingers—is squeezed under the ligament in the carpal tunnel in the wrist and results in numbness and pain.


In generally healthy people, it is typically caused by overuse from repetitive action such as typing or occupations where repetitive hand and wrist movements are required.

CTS is often miscategorized as an inflammatory disorder for which anti-inflammatory drugs are described—which don’t do anything but increase your risk of gastrointestinal and heart problems.

Other treatments range from splints to steroid injections and even surgery. All of which aren’t effective and may even be harmful. Take splints for example. On the surface it might make sense: if your wrist hurts when you move, just lock it in place so it doesn’t hurt.


However, a research paper in 2012 showed that using splints is no more effective than doing nothing. And restricting movement can have profound effects on our body, because if we don’t use it, we lose it (ability and strength).

So yes, we need to rest the wrist and forearm…


Light loading, exercise and physical activity is still important to recovery.

And surgery? That’s the worst thing you can do. For most CTS sufferers, surgery is not necessary. It is costly, invasive, and the success rate is not high—with a 57% failure rate.

And research has shown that post-surgery, only 23% of patients return to their previous occupation. And about 36% of CTS surgery patients require lifetime medical treatment. Not the best solution, especially if your CTS is mild.

So what is the best way to treat CTS?

Apart from rest and light exercises to rehab and strengthen your wrist, there is one proven method to improve recovery.

Hundreds of studies have been done on this, and the results are unanimous: massage can help with carpal tunnel syndrome recovery.


For example, a study published in Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies showed that massage had resulted in significant improvement in severity and functional status in 2 weeks.


Another study published in the same journal also showed that massage helped improve grip strength and reduced pain, anxiety and depressed mood from CTS.

Yet another study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed that massage therapy reduced pain and increased grip strength. And also decreased anxiety, depressed mood and sleep disturbance from CTS.


There are plenty other studies, but the results point towards the same thing: That massage does help.

Because CTS is caused by nerve compression, by loosening and massage the muscles in the forearm and neck/shoulder area, you can relieve pressure on the nerve.


And what easier way than with a device designed specially to deliver optimal pressure with little effort? And saves you time and money.

No more spending $50-120 per session booking a massage with a therapist, and taking time out your day to commute there.

Introducing the Hydragun Atom


The Atom is a massage gun powered by a high-torque motor that strikes the targeted area in a percussive motion. Percussion therapy has been shown to help loosen tight muscles and trigger points.

From $199 USD only.

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Atom Logos.jpg

These handheld devices have gotten increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and have gone from a tool only pro athletes use to a household staple.


There are many powerful massage guns out there that are big, bulky and sound like jackhammers. Unless you’re a pro athlete, those are probably overkill.


For most people, a lightweight, durable, and solidly-built device is what they’re looking for. And that’s what we focused on when we designed and built the Hydragun Atom.


Only 550g and made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, the Atom sets the bar for massage guns all over. It’s powered by our SmoothDrive-m™ motor, which is between 25 to 540% stronger than other mini massage guns on the market.

It’s also sturdier and whisper-quiet, and has up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge.

You can quite literally feel the difference just by holding it and feeling the quality of massage it gives. With minimal device vibration for comfortable use.


How do you use the Atom to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome?

Here’s a quick and easy Carpal Tunnel Syndrome relief routine.


Step 1:

Start with your preferred attachment head. Ball head for a comfortable massage or bullet head for a deeper, high pressure massage.

EDIT338872222_753345539681317_3609445881722311401_n copy.jpg

Step 2:

Turn your palms up and run the massage gun from the inside of your elbow (pronator teres) across the forearm. Be sure to avoid the bone on the inside of your elbow.


Step 3:

Next, palm still up, massage the thenar eminence (aka meaty side of palm) in circular motion.

EDIT337087579_245218601215236_5347240239161458672_n copy.jpg

Step 4:

Avoid massaging the wrist or the carpal tunnel/median nerve directly.

EDIT337452507_503454195317481_3652013081863662629_n copy.jpg

Step 5:

Massage for 10 minutes.

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Read what our customers have to say about the Atom:

“Perfect purchase I had 3 massage guns. So far this is the best. The quality is really high. The ergonomic, aesthetic and usage is top class. I highly recommend this product.”

- Lawrence

“I only get the best of everything out there and for massage guns. I've tried other major brands but none of them stand up to the build of the Hydragun Atom. If you're on the fence about buying, get off it now!”

- Tyler

“Very happy with my purchase of the Atom. Build quality is great. Can run for a long time on one charge. Makes massaging those aching muscles a lot easier and loosens things up. Ergonomic to hold, and smaller than the full sized Hydragun which is just what I need for personal use. Easily powerful enough and most use the second power setting only. The ends of the gun could be rounded slightly, as the edges are quite pointy. Highly recommend it.”

- Peter

“The Atom feels solidly built, easy to use, pleasantly quiet even at the highest settings and looks good with long battery life. It comes with various heads to offer for different target areas. If you are looking for a portable, small design massage gun, this is definitely for you. A good investment for muscle aches. I highly recommend this product.”

- Sheikh F.

“Used this for 3 weeks so far and I must say I am very impressed with the battery life. I have only charged it once and I use it pretty frequently. I have gotten praises for the Atom when my friends come over as most of them bought cheaper massage guns but considerably worse in multiple aspects such as weight , durability and power. It's incredible how much power can be packed into such a small device after trying so many other massage guns out there that are way bigger but weaker?! The portability of the Atom helps in making it a habit to use.”

- Adam T.

Just 10 minutes a day



Get quick, easy relief for your carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pains


Hassle-free, easy to use, available 24/7


Non-invasive treatment


Proven by many studies


No side effects

Try the Atom risk-free today


30-day money back

Free shipping

1.5-year warranty

Carpal tunnel can be a thing of the past.


Try the Atom today and feel the difference. Or your money back.

Discount codes available on website.


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