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Remission for
Rheumatoid Arthritis
can be possible with this revolutionary new treatment method.
If you or anyone you know suffers from RA, know that remission is totally possible—especially if you’ve tried everything and nothing else works…

Rheumatoid arthritis or RA (not to be confused with osteoarthritis) is an autoimmune disease that can affect people of any age. It occurs when your immune system goes haywire and attacks the lining of the joints.

There is currently no known cure for RA, even though there have been huge advancements in treatment options. Current treatments typically focus on suppressing symptoms like inflammation, swelling and pain.


One common prescription is injecting biologic drugs to reduce RA inflammation. These target your immune system and slow it down.


The problem is that biologic drugs expose your body to infections and other illnesses.

Without your immune system protecting you, you are prone to falling sick. In this COVID-19 climate, that’s not a great idea.


There are also other common side effects like headaches, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure and even difficulty breathing. More serious side effects include vision problems, swollen hands or ankles (I know, right) and heart failure.

Seems like a pretty bad trade off.


Other treatments include painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroids. All of which aren’t great long term solutions.


NSAIDs can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation, but will not stop RA from getting worse. They also damage the stomach lining, and can lead to serious stomach issues like internal bleeding, stomach ulcers and digestive issues.


Steroids are also usually short-term solutions because long-term use can have detrimental side effects like weakening of the bones, bruising, weakened muscles and thinning of the skin.


Fortunately it's not all hopeless. Remission can be possible with this new, emerging type of treatment that research has shown to help improve your RA condition without detrimental side effects.

Understanding the power of

Heat Shock Proteins


What are heat shock proteins (HSPs)?

Heat shock proteins (HSP) are proteins induced by high temperatures (above 42°C). They are the body’s response to protection from further stress exposure, and have 2 functions: to help proteins fold properly under heat stress, and to activate the immune system.

Each type of protein performs a specific task, for example to help cells divide and grow, provide structure to a cell, or help our immune system fight off foreign invaders.

All these protein functions occur through a process called protein folding.


The problem is, protein folding fails sometimes (especially under cellular stress). And failure in protein folding is linked to many known diseases: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cystic fibrosis, among others.

There are many types of HSP, but a few in particular have been shown to help rheumatoid arthritis.


What are the studies available on HSPs and RA?

A recently published paper in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences showed that HSPs, particularly Hsp27, Hsp60, Hsp70, and Hsp90, can dampen inflammation, lessening the severity of RA and delaying its onset.

The suppression of arthritis by HSPs is due to the increased release of anti-inflammatory cytokine, IL-10 which causes the decrease in T cell production (white blood cells which attack the joints in RA).


Another review of two clinical trials in RA patients show the positive effects of HSPs against autoimmune arthritis—in particular the association between Hsp65 and the initiation of RA. HSPs were able to modulate arthritis and support the antigens involved in RA.

HSPs are also seen to act as “surrogate” auto-antigens and even perform better than regular auto-antigens. This helps greatly in antigen specific tolerance therapy used for RA patient treatment. And can potentially revolutionize medication-free lasting remission of RA.

image (1)_edited.jpg

What about heat therapy specifically?

A German study evaluated heat therapy in particular as a treatment for rheumatic diseases, and found that “the best results were observed when heat therapy was applied.”

Heat therapy helps as a form of analgesia or pain relief, enhanced blood circulation and tissue nutrient uptake, muscle relaxation and reduction of soft tissue tension.


The best part? The beneficial effects of heat therapy lasted for up to 6 weeks after the last therapy session.

And finally, a study in 2009 showed that heat therapy could potentially prevent or diminish inflammation by preventing the activation of protein kinase p38, which is linked to bone destruction and the progression of rheumatic disorders.


There are several more studies on the link between HSPs and heat therapy for RA treatment, you can view the references below. But the verdict is clear…

Heat therapy is one of the most—if not the most—effective solutions for rheumatoid arthritis.

So how can you go for heat therapy? Before you rush to book a session at a sauna at some overpriced spa that costs $50-200 per session, here’s some great news.


What if I told you that you can experience all the benefits of heat therapy right from your own home with an incredibly cost-saving solution?


You don’t have to renovate your entire home to build a spa in it, or purchase one of those big and bulky sauna tents and mini cabins. This home sauna solution is so convenient, you can pack it away into a 17” x 18.1” x 8.7” (43 x 46 x 22 cm) bag and take it out only when you need to use it.

Introducing the HeatPod Sauna Blanket by Hydragun


The HeatPod is an infrared sauna blanket that delivers full-body infrared heat therapy to help your RA treatment and pain relief.

From $499 USD

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The HeatPod has been featured in


Here’s how you can use the HeatPod to relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally


Step 1:

Set up the HeatPod sauna blanket on a flat, heat-resistant surface near a wall socket/power outlet. You can use a pillow to support your neck and head and use it on the floor or on your bed.


Step 2:

Get into the HeatPod and zip it up all the way. You can use the HeatPod undressed and in the towel insert, or exercise wear


Step 3:

Turn it on and select your preferred temperature level, up to 80°C


Step 4:

Lie back and let the HeatPod work its magic for 45-60 minutes.

Limited-time discount codes available on website

Here’s why thousands of customers trust the HeatPod

We are so confident our products are effective and high-quality, we’re even willing to take on all the risk. Use it as much as you want for the next 30 days. If the HeatPod doesn’t bring you the relief you desire, let us know and we’ll take care of returns. You don’t pay a single penny.


Just 30 minutes a day






Get instant pain relief on your knees

Hassle-free, easy to use, available 24/7

Non-invasive treatment

No surgery

No side effects

Read more customer reviews on the HeatPod


  Verified   Marilyn Mclaughlin


Love it. Seems to really help with pain and deeply meditative.
A few design changes I would love to see: double sided zipper( inside and out, a way to lift the sauna off the feet for those of us who don’t like foot pressure. I currently put a yoga block at the end of the bag and perch it up like a tent pole. Otherwise I love it. I really thought I was gonna return it but I’m not going to.


  Verified   Sally

Love this blanket!

This heatpod blanket has been an essential part of my recovery from a fall that left my back and shoulder badly injured. Not only does it alleviate the pain, it helps me mentally reset. I am a very active person and this has been helping me get back on track.
As for the company, the customer service has been fantastic. I’m so happy I found this. I was about to buy a sauna for my apartment. This is much better for my needs.


  Verified   Chris

This is the best purchase I can make for the coming winter. I use this baby 5 times a week and have never felt better. Would 100% recommend to anyone who loves a good sweat and doesn't want the inconvenience of traveling to a spa to get it.


  Verified   Germaine B

Cosmically hot buy!

There's only one way to beat the heat and that's to become it. The heatppod is the best way to cocoon yourself into a new you! Many thanks to the creators for this one


  Verified   Brenda W


Fantastic! I have tried a different brand and had to return it. Now I have used your blanket 5 times already and I think this was my best investment of 2022. I plan to use it couple of times per week. I like that I can do this right at home and do not have to join any membership to experience infrared sauna.


  Verified   Seph

Great innovative product!

I am a long time user of sauna baths ( over 10 years ) as it has plenty of general health benefits and anti aging benefits due to cell regeneration . My friends often ask me how do i look so youthful over time and i attribute it to my consistent sauna usage. Only thing is that I struggle to be consistent on the usage due to my work demands. I try to get at least 4 sessions per week in if possible if not 3. Thanks to the heatpod blanket I have been able to stay consistent to my routine and even save on the travelling time! The effects are generally the same although the actual sauna is more comprehensive since the head is covered as well. Overall for the price it is extremely worth it and a lifesaver to my routine!


  Verified   Miranda

A Tip to Get Your Sweat On

I love this blanket but I have a hard time sweating. Even high temperatures, I wouldn’t sweat even though the blanket gets extremely hot for most people . What works for me is to take a hot bath first and then get it the pre-warmed blanket. Then I usually turn the temperature up and and get really sweaty. Yay!


  Verified   DEENA N, MD


Comfortably sweat like mad! My only issue is that it isn’t really that “portable” - it’s great for home to move in and out of the closet, but I wouldn’t want to take it on the road. I also wish that I could put it on the couch, but it recommends not putting it on foam or latex. I have definitely recommended it to many patients and it's worth considering if you can't always make it to the gym to sauna and need a very convenient alternative.


  Verified   Mary

I absolutely love this blanket! I have already referred a few people to get it! If you don’t have the space or the funds for a home version this is an almost perfect swap.


  Verified   NR

My days will never be the same !

In love! I look forward to sweating every morning in my bag!

Try the HeatPod risk-free today


30-day money back

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1.5-year warranty

Rheumatoid arthritic pain can be a thing of the past.

Try the HeatPod for yourself and feel the difference. Or your money back.

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  • Infrared sauna in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. A pilot study showing good tolerance, short-term improvement of pain and stiffness, and a trend towards long-term beneficial effects

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