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"Dodge" knee arthritis after 40s

Introducing the HeatPulse: the #1 dual-therapy knee massager people trust to treat knee arthritis in their 40s & beyond


Over 4,000+ people fought knee arthritis, thanks to the HeatPulse…

Hear how other people ease knee arthritis symptoms with the HeatPulse:


  Verified   JT

HeatPulse Knee Massager.

Had received it 2 weeks ago after the Hydragun team help me solve the logistic challenge. After 3 days of using, my aching knee felt much better and now I had used this every night for 2 weeks. This product really helped bad knee condition and I hope this can last. One small suggestion is to improve the battery usage life as one charge is only able to last 2 run of the 30 minutes treatment and on some cool night, I would like to treat my bad knee twice before sleep. Also, the upper strap can be bigger to cater to huge thigh guy like myself, but I am not using with the extension strap that was meant for the shoulder treatment. Overall, a happy user and I hope to see an improved version out soon (I will definitely buy it). Thank you.


  Verified   Kah Leong

Received this as a gift from my daughter when I got back from my business trip. I have been using this daily for the past 1-2 months now, which is a strong testament to the effectiveness of the product in relieving knee pains. I have knee osteoarthritis and this helps especially with the swelling in the morning. Definitely recommending this to a few of my friends who have similar knee conditions.


  Verified   Bob Goh

Almost perfect knee recovery device

I have osteoarthritis and was unable to enjoy high impact sports in the past. Pairing this Heatpulse knee Massager with Thermosleeve (on the cold) allows me to recover much much faster from high impact sports.

Heatpulse Knee Massage is so convenient and easy to use, strap it on and let the massager and heat do all the recovery work! I hope they come out with an enhanced version which allows longer battery life or fast charging as I would like to keep it on for at least 1.5 to 2 hours continuously while I relax and watch netflix :)


  Verified   Tanya P

I’m the most skeptical person when it comes to facebook ads selling snake oil remedies for knee pain… but HeatPulse knee massager made me a believer. As soon as I turned this little warming fella on, there was just instant relief once I started to feel that warmth. This is taking the pain away. It's soothing it.
Now I always use it everyday after my run. So I'll do my cooldown stretches and then I put the HeatPulse on after the run and the next morning. I don't get that stiffness on my knee anymore, that clicking and popping.

The #1 complaint people with knee arthritis have is reduced mobility and constant pain

So, why does the arthritis suddenly “strike” when you hit your 40s?

Research suggests our joints start to lose cartilage, bone and muscle over time as we age.


Cartilage loss rate as we age

It may start as early as in our 20s. And the decline continues… Year after year.

It can also get harder to stick to regular exercise due to family, work, pain or health commitments.

That’s why mobility loss becomes out of control. What you don’t use you lose.

When mobility declines, your joints, cartilage and tendons are no longer supported.


Now it’s possible to naturally combat knee arthritis pain with combined heat and vibration therapy

Heat and vibration therapy do more than just help you with blood flow, pain relief and recovery. THey have also been studied to impact range of motion, reduce stiffness and provide support for prime physical function.

HeatPulse contains 2 types of therapies clinically tested for their pain relief effects:


Therapy #1: Heat has been used for centuries as part of rehabilitation and recovery. A study on 45 participants showed significant decrease of pain and improved knee function in both the infrared ray and carbon surface heating groups.

Another study that examined the effects of heat therapy and aromatherapy on pain, flexibility, sleep and depression in elderly women with OA found significant improvement in knee pain, flexibility, quality of sleep and depression in groups that used heat therapy and aromatherapy.


Therapy #2: Vibration has also been around since the 1800s for medical use. A study on 30 patients showed significant performance improvement in patients who were treated with localized vibration on several physical tests.

And another study conducted on 30 participants using heating and cooling therapy together with vibration therapy showed a reduction in muscle spasms, pain and improved range of motion.

Feel like the younger you again with just 30 minutes every day


Meet HeatPulse — a dual-therapy knee massager that people suffering from arthritis love to add to their daily routine when they need pain relief to ease their arthritis symptoms. With natural, non invasive massage… anyone can have a better shot at combating arthritis pain.

HeatPulse also works for people who are going through arthritis—especially if they want…

shutterstock_192638207 copy.jpg

To get better sleep with pain-free knees

People with arthritis often report more pain at the end of the day. HeatPulse may help relief pain to help you sleep better.

Healthy knees & better knee mobility management

HeatPulse’s superior dual-therapy function supports blood flow naturally—increasing mobility and range of motion.

To ease arthritis pain during old age

HeatPulse can help soothe arthritis pain in the knees.

To start the day with stronger knees

Most people going through arthritis may feel inhibited or joint stiffness in the morning. Try HeatPulse to start the day well.

To manage pain

The dual-therapy in HeatPulse can aid in better recovery and naturally relieve arthritic pain.

Try our non-invasive knee massager HeatPulse today!

For all knee pain conditions

Non-invasive and side-effects free


Based on clinical studies

Free shipping in US

We ship domestically from multiple warehouses around the US, straight to your doorstep


Order with a peace of mind with our 100% money-back guarantee. Add to cart below

Here at Hydragun, we make sure our customers love their product or we will refund 100% of their investment. We’re so confident you’ll love the HeatPulse that we’ll bear all the risk.


30-day 100% money back guarantee

Enjoy HeatPulse for the next 30 days and if you don’t love the experience, let us know and we’ll refund you.


Free shipping in US

We ship domestically from multiple warehouses around the US, straight to your doorstep

HeatPulse Knee Massager





Free returns

and exchanges

30-day money back guarantee




Real verified results:

See what people worldwide are saying about why they love the HeatPulse

Note: All reviews below are from actual paying customers. They have been authenticated and verified by, an independent third party reviewing company.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and individual results may vary

Experience the difference today


Each HeatPulse contains enough battery capacity for up to two 30-minute sessions. Use the HeatPulse daily on your knees. Customers have observed the best effects when they use the HeatPulse before bed.

HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology

• Provides over an hour of gentle, steady  warmth
• Choose from five temperature settings, 
40-60°C (104-140°F)

Pulse vibration

• Dual vibrating cores hug each side of the patella, sending out carefully calibrated 120Hz pulses to boost circulation
• Choose from three massage speeds


True one-size-fits-all
360° lightweight, anti-fray and anti-bacterial Silkro™ fabric for a snug and comfortable velcro fit on any knee

Easy-to-use interface
Controls 5 heat ranges and 3 vibrative pulse speeds at a push of a button

Sleek, cordless design
With detachable control pod for easy charging

Set it and forget it
Automatically runs a full 30-minute treatment session on each knee


Our goal is to help a million people feel better through our products so they can feel good, get better and live their best life.


Still deciding? Read the top frequently asked questions customers have before ordering the HeatPulse.

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