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Relieve shoulder pain with our advanced vibration & heat massager -- the HeatPulse
Shoulder pain can be frustrating. While often not debilitating, it can cause huge inconvenience in our daily lives.

Our shoulders and neck are one of those things that we don’t realize how important they are, until they start to hurt—then even the mere action of turning our heads can be difficult.
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Many people think that shoulder pain has a mechanical cause, but research shows that stress and psychosocial factors can cause shoulder pain too. Stress can cause postural changes and muscle tension, which leads to pain and stiffness.


Typical solutions are deep heat rubs, painkillers or just straight up ignoring it and hoping it goes away. But while those are good strategies, there is an even better and more convenient way to relieve shoulder pain…

One that doesn’t have any side effects and works in minutes.

The HeatPulse knee massager

(We know it has “knee” in the name, but you can use it for your shoulders too)


It’s a vibration and heat massager that helps soothe your shoulder pain by relaxing tense muscles and increasing blood flow to the target area.

Not only is it effective and fast-acting—it feels really good too!

What’s the science behind the HeatPulse’s heat and vibration therapy?

Heat therapy (aka thermotherapy):


Many studies done over the last three decades have shown that heat between 40–45°C results in a significant drop in muscle tension. (1, 2, 3)

A more recent study published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (4) also shows that heat therapy can result in pain relief through widening of the blood vessels and increasing pain threshold.

The widening of blood vessels through heat also increases nutrition and oxygen supply and removes metabolites and waste products—leading to reduced pain and swelling.

The Arthritis Foundation also suggests that heat therapy can relax stiff joints. While not all shoulder pain is arthritis, the function is still the same—blood vessel dilation helps improve relaxation and reduce pain. (5)

Vibration therapy:


A study published in 2022 showed that vibration massage had a significant effect on fatigued muscles—reducing fatigue and improving function. (6)

Another study did an experiment with 2 groups of people: one group had vibration therapy and another didn’t. They measured the muscle activity of both groups using sEMG, and found that vibration therapy reduced muscle fatigue and improved muscle activity. (7)

Both heat and vibration therapies have been studied for decades, and many medical professionals prescribe them as treatment for muscle and joint problems because they do show promising results.


But studies are one thing… Hear what our customers have to say. Since we launched it this year, we’ve had 4,000+ happy customers and counting.


  Verified   Sue

Some relief at last

I was reading a study about heat and vibration helping with osteoarthritis pain and decided to buy the HeatPulse Knee Sleeve.
I'd been really struggling lately, not sleeping well and having to resort to using painkillers to get some relief.
I've been using the sleeve twice a day for 8 days now and it's really making a difference. I've been sleeping well again, my worst knee is
not so stiff in the morning and the pain is significantly reduced. I've not had any painkillers since I started using it and I'm really
glad that I made the decision to try it. It's a quality product.


  Verified   ANG MING KUANG

Ease to use

Well designed package as received though delivery take sometime. Work as it intended to and easy to operate. So far so good


  Verified   N.V.

HeatPulse knee massager is terrific

I bought this for my husband and he loves it. It helped relieve his knee discomfort almost instantly. Though not a cure he found the heat and vibration a soothing comfort. The product fitted him well and he is very happy.


  Verified   Garry L

Good product

Nice product with strap not only able to use for knee and even shoulder. The versatility is a plus as compared with other competitors. However, the short charge of the device and only 3 modes is limiting. If increased on both points, will get the 5th star from me.


  Verified   Tanya P

I’m the most skeptical person when it comes to facebook ads selling snake oil remedies for knee pain… but HeatPulse knee massager made me a believer. As soon as I turned this little warming fella on, there was just instant relief once I started to feel that warmth. This is taking the pain away. It's soothing it.
Now I always use it everyday after my run. So I'll do my cooldown stretches and then I put the HeatPulse on after the run and the next morning. I don't get that stiffness on my knee anymore, that clicking and popping.


  Verified   Cedric

Lifechanging relief

After combating arthritis for decades and experimenting with countless of solutions , nothing comes close to providing a sustainable relief as much as the heatpulse knee massager. I've been using it daily now ever since and recommended to anyone who faces similar knee issues. Absolutely worth every dollar!

How does the HeatPulse stack up against other massagers

Lander HeatPulse Comparison-01.jpg

Based on the specs, the HeatPulse heat and vibration massager is the best value for its price. The HeatPulse has the best balance of

Portable — battery powered

Convenient — removable pod for charging

Effective — ideal temperature and vibration settings

Versatile — can be used on multiple joints

Value — good price for its specs

Plus, you can test the HeatPulse to see if it works for you at no risk!

Every HeatPulse massager comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee and 1.5-year warranty. That means you can try it out for 30 days. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and we’ll arrange a free return or replacement for you.

No hidden costs or complicated processes. Just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. That’s our guarantee.


  Verified   Teo

Superb customer service

I bought the Hydragun Knee Massager in mid November. After a few users, the Knee Massager could not manage to heat up though the vibrating function still works. I wrote in the Hydragun to feedback about this issue and Cris, from customer service offered to replace my defective Knee Massager almost immediately with an apology.
I received the replacement Knee Massager the very next day after Cris got in touch with me.
This is exemplary customer service and it shows that Hydragun is a great company to purchase from.


  Verified   Sylvia Tan

high quality product

The delivery person came an hour earlier when i was not at home so missed the first delivery but the customer support team was quick to rectify this. The atom came in very nice packaging that leaves a good impression. The massage gun is very small and powerful as advertised. What I really like about the product is the usb-c charging and bag that came along with it as it makes it very portable and convenient to bring around. The previous massage gun i owned from lazada cost cheaper but it fared worse in almost all areas. I'll be buying this again for my parents

Continued shoulder pain is no way to live. Imagine, a life where shoulder (and other chronic joint pains) are no longer a problem. Get the HeatPulse now to enjoy



Relaxed muscles and improved blood flow and recovery



Improved mobility and ROM

Enhanced well-being and quality of life

Plus, act now to take advantage of our limited-time promo


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