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Percussive Therapy:
The Best Way To Relieve Low Back Pain
Is With A Massage Gun
See Results In 30 Days Or Get 100% Of Your Money Back

If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably tried searching for dozens of low back pain treatment options online, ranging from back massages to pain relievers.


And many of these treatments may not be very effective in treating your low back pain.

But did you know that if you’re experiencing
low back pain due to

😢 sciatica from herniated discs
😢 muscle or ligament strain
😢 arthritis

one of the best ways to relieve
low back pains is
with a massage gun

Here at Hydragun,

we’ve helped hundreds of low back pain sufferers


 Stay physically
active and fit

Feel good and
focus at work

Sleep better
at night

Success Stories

Hear from these X people about how Hydragun completely transformed the way they dealt with low back pain:

Why Massage Therapy Is So Effective At Treating Low Back Pain

Research has shown that active therapies, including spinal manipulation (performed by a chiropractor or osteopath), and massage, can provide significant pain relief.


A study on massage and back pain conducted at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami in 2001 found that: "Massage lessened lower back pain, depression and anxiety, and improved sleep. The massage therapy group also showed improved range of motion and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher."

Massage therapy can help to alleviate low back pain. Here are the benefits.


Improvement in
Blood Circulation


Endorphin Levels


Range of Motion


Better Sleep

However, massage therapy does come with certain drawbacks. This includes: 

❌ Cost: each visit to the massage therapist or chiropractor can cost 100 USD

❌ Time spent: at least 1 hour is spent during the massage, as well as travel time to and fro

❌ Availability: if you’re experiencing low back pain late at night, visiting your therapist may not be an option

What if there was a cheaper and easier way to experience
the same benefits from massage therapy?


Hydragun - The Massage Gun That Acts As Your 24/7 Personal Massage Therapist

Hydragun is able to mitigate many of the drawbacks that manual massage therapy possesses. It’s:




Cheaper in the long run: Costs 299 USD and will pay for itself after using it for >3 times.

Time-efficient: each massage can be as short as 10 minutes

Convenient: Hydragun is available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere

We’ve also consulted medical experts and professional therapists on using percussive therapy for plantar fasciitis specifically. Here’s what they have to say.

Expert Reviews

Dr. Mike Salame
Physical Therapist
Pivotal Physio
“Percussive therapy can absolutely work for certain types of low back pain. Self-treatment is the single most important component to anyone’s rehab program in my opinion. It’s very important that my patients understand that they are their own biggest advocate and that they are in charge of their own physical well-being.”
Low Back Pain Today


100 Guarantee.png

What’s the worst that could happen to you if you were to try Hydragun? You would spend 299 USD on it, receive it after a few days and would have the opportunity to test it out.


If it works well, good for you! You would have found an easy to use, convenient and cost-effective way of dealing with low back pains anytime, anywhere.


If Hydragun isn’t helpful for you, simply write in to our customer support and apply for a refund. 100% hassle-free, no questions asked, no hidden restocking or administrative fees. Best of all, Hydragun is a non-invasive treatment option that doesn’t involve scarring or any side-effects, making it truly the only 100% risk-free option.

Get ALL Your Money Back If It Doesn’t Work

As Featured By:

“You can feel the effects… after 5 to 10 minutes of use. The massage gun vibrates and loosens the muscles quickly.”

Hydragun vs. Other Treatments




Easy to Use

Side effects











$1/ pill











How To Use HYDRAGUN To Treat Lower Back Pain

Step 1:

Pick your attachment. We recommend the ball head.

Step 2:

Turn on the Hydragun by pressing and holding the power button. We recommend using a grip closer to the body of the massage gun for more control.

Step 3:

Begin the massage at the upper area where the lower back muscles start and move the Hydragun slowly up and down for 15 seconds

Step 4:

Take another 15 seconds to run the Hydragun all over the lower back on both the left and right side.

Step 5:

Perform the massage 2-3 times a day

Low Back Pain Treatment Routine

What Is Low Back Pain?

For most people, low back pain is not actually a disease. Instead, this “mechanical back pain” is caused by the misalignment or wear and tear of the bones, ligaments, disks, joints and nerves, which tends to get better over time on its own.


However, close to half of all people tend to experience recurring back pain within a year. For those who experience a more severe form of back pain, making specific lifestyle changes and adopting certain treatment methods can be very helpful in managing the pain.



The low back, also known as the lumbar, is the area of the back that starts below the ribcage.


When diagnosing lower back pain, it’s often important to make the clear distinction between back-dominant pain and leg-dominant pain.

Back-dominant pain - This pain mainly radiates down the back to the butt and/or around the hips. Most people get pain relief with particular movements or positions (i.e. when they arch backwards or bend forward) and this kind of back pain comes and goes, or comes in spasms as you move. There is usually no damage to the nerves or spinal cord, and no surgery is needed.


Leg-dominant pain - comes in two main forms

Sciatica: disc problem that puts pressure on the nerves in your back that travels down your legs. This can often be caused by herniated discs, or osteoarthritis.


Neurogenic Claudication: Comes when you stand or walk or run - relieved when you bend forward or sit. Described by patients as a gradual worsening or heaviness in the legs as they walk. Mostly present in people over 60, caused by the narrowing (stenosis) of the spinal tunnel containing the nerves.


Who’s At Risk For Low Back Pain?

The following groups of people are at greater risk of experiencing low back pain


People above the age of 30



Manual labour occupation

  • Is Hydragun safe to use?
    Using Hydragun to treat plantar fasciitis is safe, easy and generally free of any side effects, especially when compared to over-the-counter NSAIDs and surgery.
  • Will I feel any pain while using Hydragun?
    Experiencing some level of discomfort is normal while using Hydragun. But if you do experience any form of acute pain, it will be best to consult a medical professional. The best thing about using Hydragun is that you are in full control of your massage - You can press deeper or lighter depending on how your foot feels.
  • How long will it take to treat my plantar fasciitis?
    You can expect to experience immediate pain relief during and after usage of Hydragun. Assuming that Hydragun is used on a regular basis, together with lifestyle changes, it may take several weeks or several months to significantly reduce chronic pain over the long run.
  • Can Hydragun replace a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor?
    Physiotherapists and chiropractors may offer other forms of treatments besides massages, so Hydragun may not necessarily be able to fully replace them. With that said, Hydragun can act as the perfect complementary tool to aid in your recovery. Also, many of our customers do mention in their reviews that they no longer need to go to their local physio/chiro any longer after having bought the massage gun.

Hear More About Hydragun - From Others Suffering From Black Pain As Well

Still not convinced? Here are more written testimonials & reviews from happy customers.


  Verified   Tan

Convenient and effective

I'd been looking for a message product for a long time, partly for my calves and arms after workouts but also to help with the (non-exercise-related) tension in my back and shoulders. Massage chairs never felt targeted or powerful enough to hit the spot for my back. After looking at a few reviews online, I decided to take a leap of faith with Hydragun. happy to report that it's also been effective in easing my back- and shoulder-aches -- though you'll need someone to hold it for you!


  Verified   Angie

Quiet, Power, Easy to use

Having used Hydragun for the past 2 weeks, I can honestly say that it has helped relieved my sore shoulders and back muscles effectively. Just a few minutes of usage and I can feel instant loosening of tight muscles which usually takes an hour of massage to achieve. Best of all, it's quiet and so easy to assemble and use! Don't hesitate to buy it!


  Verified   Ivan Tan

Definitely worth the money!

I was skeptical at first by all the marketing and reviews. However, when I got my hands on the Hydragun, my perception changed instantaneously! The hydragun is a well-built and reliable product and you can feel it from its weight. The gun is also surprisingly quiet even at maximum RPM. I used it to relieve by slip-discs and this ahs been the most reliable method by far to alleviate the pain and soreness I am feeling on my lower back. I use it up to 3 times a day and it provides instant relief. Thank you for this wonderful product. It will be great if you can attach an adaptor so that I can reach my back easaily without having to use the hydragun on my arms later!


  Verified   Michael

Just Awesome

Just received mine and it's awesome, super quiet and powerful on the max speed to get those deep knots

Love the design and premium build of the product especially the handle comfortable to grip and easy to get those hard to reach places on your back and lower back. It's help relief the tension around lower back areas and around the neck and shoulder areas.

Easy to travel to trainings with the included carry case

Very satisfied with product and highly recommend for those in need for relief for muscle aches as well as pre work out and post workout/training sessions


  Verified   Elizabeth brott

Most popular object in the house!

I bought this to manage chronic back pain as recommended by my chiropractor, its reduced my use of analgesics, I also use it before and after runs. My boyfriend who is a serious athlete know uses it after swims and my kid uses it during stay at home long zoom meetings. Its the best purchase ever!!


  Verified   Y K Woon

"Yes this is it!"

I am so glad that I made the right choice to purchase Hydragun after reading lots of reviews and comparisons with other similar products. I suffer from chronic back pain and neck and shoulder stiffness and I have tried numerous products over the years. Hydragun is now my go-to equipment if I want to have some relief. The relief I get from using Hydragun seems to have improved my quality of sleep as well! The quietness is super impressive and it really is the hallmark of a quality product. The other day my sister was visiting and while trying Hydragun out on her stiff neck, she exclaimed "Yes this is it!: within seconds after switching it on. She has since decided to buy one for herself too (even though she already has a $8000 massage chair at home)


  Verified   A Happy Customer


I bought this for my husband... HE IS ABSOLUTELY PLEASED. We are fitness trainers, and he suffered from much tightness in his lower back, hips and knees. Well, now his recovery is amazing. This is a great buy. Worth every penny!


  Verified   Ting Yuan Hoong

Worthy Investment!

Hi, I've purchased this when I was looking for something to alleviate muscle stiffness and discomfort working in the frontlines in covid season. Due to our exposure risk, I avoid visiting massage places during off days and self-massage isn't as effective.

I was pleasantly surprised when just after my first session of usage, my calf and back recovery is so much better and quicker. Keeps me going for another busy shift day.

I had recommended and generated many interest in my workplace regarding the wonders of this product and hope more would be inclined to have their own set for their own benefits.


  Verified   Steve


I work a physical job, leg pain back pain, shoulder pain, and thus hydragun lives up to every claim and more. If you have ever used a massage gun before, you will realize this uses quality parts, it is almost completely silent, several attachments, easy to use. This is a life saver for anyone who works out, aches and pains from work or everyday living, It makes you feel like a new person after using it.


  Verified   J. J.

New gun for christmas

Bought for my wife's pain but so far I am using on my legs and thighs for my neuropathy. I do get reload from my numbness and think my blood circulation is better. I will keep using. Also had lower back muscle pain. Worked on it with my gun and am 99% better.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you don’t like it, simply write to our customer support and request for a refund and we will process it. No hidden restocking fee, no questions asked.


Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be taken as medical advice. When in doubt, seek help from a medical professional.

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