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The surprising truth about
(and how to actually  treat it)
Plot twist: Plantar Fasciitis is not inflammation like its name suggests. It’s tissue degeneration in the fascia. But what causes this?

We all spend a huge chunk of our time on our feet.

Standing, walking, running after the bus—our feet quite literally  support us through most of our lives. And yet we often don’t give them much thought, until they start to hurt.


If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, the pain can be very disruptive to your daily activities. Walking can feel like you’re treading over razor blades with each step. And worse, it usually occurs the moment you get out of bed.


And living with it might seem to be the only option. After all, Plantar fasciitis is incredibly stubborn mainly because it’s near impossible to not use your feet at all. Moreover, it also appears to be resistant to treatment. And it can be discouraging the longer it persists.

So, why is plantar fasciitis
so hard to treat?

The truth is, many doctors and experts have been misdiagnosing plantar fasciitis.

A study in 2013 by Lemont et al found that Plantar Fasciitis is actually a degenerative process (aka fasciosis) and not an inflammation of the fascia.


This shocked the medical community because for decades doctors have been administering treatments like ice and NSAIDs for plantar fasciitis, only to find out they’ve been wrong all this while.

Do you experience these symptoms?

  • Stabbing pain on the bottom of the heel

  • Increased heel pain after exercise, but not during

  • Pain in the arch of the foot

  • Pain that is worse in the morning or when you stand after sitting for a long time

  • A swollen heel

  • Pain that continues for months

  • A tight Achilles tendon

That’s why your foot hurts.

shutterstock_1464154469 (1).jpg

Because the tissue is quite literally dying. And we’re not saying this to make you feel squeamish, but understanding the difference can help you treat it more effectively.

What causes your plantar fascia to degenerate?


There are many potential causes; the most common explanations being overuse or strain. The fact that we use our feet a lot makes it particularly vulnerable to strain. But what exactly is going on beneath the hood?


A 2018 study by Nakale et al found that people with plantar fasciitis have tighter calves—specifically the medial gastrocnemius muscle. This puts pressure on the plantar fascia and causes pain. Tight calves are a result of living in urban environments (i.e. cities)  where there are mostly flat ground. Walking on flat ground all our lives means that our calves don’t get to “practice” getting the full range of motion—and so they remain tight.


Compare our modern lifestyle to that of Twa pygmies (a Ugandan tree-climbing tribe).


They have incredibly flexible ankles that can bend as much as 45 degrees towards the shin thanks to their flexible calves. But it’s not genetics that blessed them with lengthened calf muscles; it’s practice from climbing trees their whole lives.


Cliff notes: Limited calf muscle mobility plus footwear that limits blood flow to the foot leads to collagen degeneration in the plantar fascia. And results in plantar “fasciitis”.

For us, our lack of practice and another modern invention makes us particularly vulnerable to tissue degeneration. The invention is shoes.

Most narrow box shoes cause the big toe to bend inwards and limit artery blood flow to our feet (Jacob et al, 2019). This results in tissue death over time.

How to treat plantar fasciitis


Or more accurately, plantar fasciosis.

The first and most obvious way to reduce plantar pain is to rest more often. Take constant breaks from standing or walking to relieve pressure on your feet. But that’s a short term solution.


Secondly, change your shoes to ones with a wider toe box. This allows your big toe to remain in its natural position and allows blood to flow more freely through your feet.


Third, loosen your calf muscles, foot and plantar fascia with a Hydragun massage routine.

How to use the Hydragun to relieve plantar fasciitis
(total duration: 8 minutes)

Step 1:

Turn on and choose your preferred speed setting

Step 2:

Float the Hydragun along your calf muscle. Run it lengthwise up and down for 1-2 minutes, applying pressure if necessary


Step 3:

Float the Hydragun at the base of your foot lengthwise up and down the plantar fascia for 1-2 minutes, applying pressure if necessary

Step 4:

Repeat on the other leg and foot


Meet Kaitlin, a marathon runner who experienced PLANTAR FACIITIS


Before she discovered the Hydragun, she used to require 3-5 day breaks from marathon training because her plantar fascia would hurt from the excessive strain. This was extremely disruptive to her schedule.

Today, thanks to the Hydragun, she trains worry-free and is able to even train back-to-back days with no pain on her feet at all. Listen to her story here.

And she’s not alone. Thousands of people around the world use the Hydragun to help them get back on track and lead their best lives every day. Not just for plantar fasciitis but other chronic pains in their low back, shoulders, neck, arms and more.

The Hydragun is also trusted by licensed professionals

Watch the videos to learn more about how Dr. Nick Healy, D.C and other licensed professionals. uses the Hydragun to treat his patients suffering from plantar fasciitis.

PVExpertReview-Nick copy.jpg
A Chiropractor using the Hydragun to relieve Plantar Fasciitis on his patients

We’ve been featured on these major publications
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“Superb percussive therapy and ease of use, thanks to the ergonomic handle...quieter than a fridge.”
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“Users are wildly impressed with the performance nad lack of noise.”
“You can feel the effects… after 5 to 10 minutes of use. The massage gun vibrates and loosens the muscles quickly.”
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Here’s why thousands of customers trust the Hydragun

We are so confident our products are effective and high-quality, we’re even willing to take on all the risk. Use it as much as you want for the next 30 days. If the Hydragun doesn’t bring you the relief you desire, let us know and we’ll take care of returns. You don’t pay a single penny.


Just 10 minutes a day


Get instant pain relief on your aching feet


Hassle-free, easy to use, available 24/7


Non-invasive treatment


No surgery


No side effects

Read more customer reviews on the Hydragun


  Verified   Maria Richardson

Absolutely worth every penny 100%

Well my wife decided to do some research regarding my foot condition/Plantar Faclities. She came across this website and I have never looked back. We both checked out the reviews and looked at some YouTube videos. The Hydragun was ordered and admittedly we were a little sceptical. It arrived in its own carry case to take anywhere with you. I can honestly say that after using the Hydragun for a few days my foot was starting to feel better. I had been suffering for nearly 8 months and had tried countless treatments. With a combination of two physio treatments and the Hydragun I'm 99% cured. I also use it on all my muscles/joints great improvement. My wife uses it as well and we have been recommending it to our friends. Thanks to Hydragun we are on a daily recovery. Well Done!


  Verified   onake

It's a lifesaver

I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis! I see a podiatrist once a week and use the HYDRAGUN at home everyday for 2 X 30 mins. My condition has greatly improved and have started shorted short distance jogging again. It's so liberating. Definitely has been an excellent investment.


  Verified   Belle

Super Good - My Husband Loves it

My husband loves to run and he always has pain on his heels. Every night he needs to massage with his hands (even our massage chair doesnt really provide a targeted massage to his certain area).

After I got this for him, he uses it everyday! This not only helps in his muscle recovery faster but also help to give targeted massage to his heels which he feel much more lesser pain in the morning. Thank u!


  Verified   Kalpana


I got this for my mum who walks a lot and often complains of foot and log pain. She is having a great time with it. Says it helps a lot.


  Verified   Tony

High quality! A must have!

I've been suffering with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome for the last year and have had to change my lifestyle dramatically to accommodate my pain management. I'm on rigorous stretching and rooling regimen and purchased the Hydragun as another tool in my toolbox. It's awesom!!! super high quality and unbelievably quiet, which for me was the seller. I couldn't recommend this product enough and the service from the hydragun team was equally as good. I researched all the top products and the Hydragun was by far the better product. Brilliant product backed by customer services...


  Verified   Sally

Actually works

I've had trouble with calf muscles and Achilles for years. After a long run I'm usually hobbling for a couple of days with scre calf muscles and try to roll it out. I bought a Hydragun thinking "it's only the cost of 2-3 sessions at the Physio". It has been amazing! I use it to warm up before a run and straight after, and have had NO Pain, even on much longer runs, Transformational.


  Verified   Tim Walker


I bought the Hydragun because I've been looking for somthing to relieve my golfers elbow and Plantar Fasciitis and it has been amazing. My wife also now uses it on her shoulders and neck whilst we both watch TV. I also love to exercise at the gym and cycle so I thought that the product can help with sore muscles. I haven't been disappointed yet.



  Verified   Alan Reeves

A bit of help

I saw this product at my sons apartment and I tired it my Planta Facia (plocimazs foot to others) it has been exceedingly painful: for months now and I need to get deep and often into it to try and work the muscles/tendons. It has helped but by on meanss a full cure, little steps. I am about to buy my daughters one so I reckon that gives and idea on what I think. Good value for a quality products.


  Verified   Laurie


I found Hydragun to be really useful and actually works, It's quite quiet compared to others that I have tired. I wasn't sure about paying the amount but now after having and using it obviously pays for itself when you consider 4 appointments with phisio and hydro is already paid off and it's so easy to use and is there when ever you need it and with regular use. I have found that the knotted areas kind of don't exist much any more. Highly recommend this piece of equipment and have actually bought a second for a friend.


  Verified   Erika Tejero

Amazing!!! Gift for my bubby

This massage gun is a God send!! The different pressures help with both deep tissue and light soreness relief. it's very quiet and also extremely easy to handle. I love the attachment as I am a runner and they can help with bottom of my foot, to calf tenderness, and quad relief. The gun is on par with the more expersive massage guns with a reasonable price tag. Must buy for those looking for muscle relief.


  Verified   Stephanie

Great Product

I'm a Physical Therapist that uses two other brands in my clinic, and I decided to try this one for my personal use after reading reviews. Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying our each of the attachments and was able to find attachments that worked well for the majority of common problem areas-quads, ITB, hamstrings, gastrocnemius / Achilles, plantar fascia, forearm muscles/elbow, upper traps, shoulders, and even intrinsic hand muscles. I have found that the other brands attachments work best with larger muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings and glutes, and not as well for smaller ones. I am really really happy with the Hydragun and would definitely recommend it!

Try the Hydragun risk-free today


30-day money back

Free shipping

1.5-year warranty

Plantar fasciitis and heel pain can be a thing of the past. Try the Hydragun for yourself and feel the difference. Or your money back.

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