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Journey to a SWIFT recovery: Ditching 'PISS poor' Solutions and Embracing Lasting Relief for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Story adapted from HeatPulse user Larry F., 60
Avid skier, mountain biker, and grandfather to 5 grandchildren.

I’ve been trying to hold off surgery for as long as possible…

Who knows what will happen after I go under the knife. There are always risks to it, even if it’s small.


And right now I want to focus on the things and people I love.


I have 5 grandkids who I keep active with.

And do my best to keep fit. I work out every day, mountain bike and ski.


All the years of mountain biking have been tough on my knees. My cartilage has worn down to practically bone on bone.


As tough as it has been, I’ve been trying to put off surgery for the last few years.

​Some days it still hurts like hell. And when I go to the doctor, they’d just say the same thing…

The only way to deal with pain is: Painkillers, inflammation suppressants, steroid injections, or surgery.

I’m no medical expert, but those suggestions were just not it. They’re just temporary solutions that make the pain go away for a while…


But in the long run, they’re harmful to the body. Even the doctors admit it. And the worst part is, those treatments rack up a huge bill very quickly…


Costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.


I’m comfortably retired, but I’m also not made of money, so that’s definitely not an option for me.

So how did I eventually manage my knee osteoarthritis pain for good and avoid having to go to surgery?

My doctor was even surprised when I bumped into him at the supermarket. I hadn’t gone to see him for a few months, and at first he was worried that something had happened.


But I told him I was fine. In fact, things were going amazingly well. My knees no longer hurt as much.


And on the days they do hurt, I had a device that helped me deal with the pain in seconds. I no longer needed to take pharmacological drugs to manage the pain.

In fact, I stopped taking painkillers and inflammatory suppressants like NSAIDs for months.

It all started one night when my knees hurt and I couldn’t sleep. I ended up diving into the knee pain rabbit hole on Google Scholar. Hours of scrolling through studies and research papers…


Reading about different types of therapies and medical treatments for osteoarthritis…


Until I finally came across something that seemed promising. You see, osteoarthritis is caused by Cartilage Decay that happens from aging and overuse of the joints.

Specifically when the cartilage tissue at the end of your joints degenerate and your joints begin to rub bone on bone.

Cartilage don’t have blood vessels leading directly to them so they can’t regenerate like regular tissue. Instead they get nutrients from fluid between the joints, which also help with lubrication.

In order to keep the fluid smooth, slippery and slow down cartilage decay, you need to increase blood flow to the capillaries that lead to it, and then movement to help the fluid flow so that it can deliver nutrients to the cartilage.

To sum up my findings, there are 5 things you need to do to manage knee pain.

Sleep, weights, infrared heat, food and supplements, and targeted local vibration. Or the SWIFT method.

SWIFT Method


Weight training

Infrared heat

Food and supplements

Targeted vibration

Sleep is when the body repairs itself. That’s why getting enough deep sleep every night is important.


Lifting weights is important to build strength and balance. You don’t have to be a powerlifter or bodybuilder when it comes to lifting weights. But as you age, you lose muscle mass at about 3-8% every 10 years after 30. This rate increases even more after 60.


People who do not lift weights to build muscle end up frail in their older years.


Next, food and supplementation is important to help fuel your body’s recovery.


Glucosamine is one of the important supplements to help cartilage repair and maintenance.


Of the 5 things, I was already doing these 3 things. I sleep at least 8 hours every night. I hit the gym almost every day. And I do take joint supplements on the daily.


But what about infrared heat and targeted vibration? Those were new to me. I had never heard of those 2 things before that moment.

I was curious about how they helped with osteoarthritis and knee pain. So I dug deeper into the research. Here’s what I found.



Far-infrared heat is able to permeate and reach deeper into the joints and increase blood flow better than surface level heating devices.


The heat also increases fluid production and vibration helps keep it moving so that friction is reduced and your joints and cartilage stay healthy.

Heat also has a soothing effect which helps work as an anesthetic and pain reliever. And targeted vibration has been shown to improve muscle strength and performance through tissue stimulation.


All of which help with pain reduction and management that comes with osteoarthritis.

So how do you get far infrared heat and vibration to your knees? That was my next question.

I continued my search for a solution that was both simple, convenient and effective. I didn’t want something that was bulky and required a huge hassle to set up and operate.


And that’s when I discovered the HeatPulse Knee Massager.


“The HeatPulse Knee Massager is powered by DeepTherm far-infrared graphene technology to penetrate deeper and provide longer lasting relief.


Unlike regular infrared heat sources, far-infrared penetrates deeper into the muscles to activate heat shock proteins, stimulate vasodilation and improve nutrient uptake.


DeepTherm’s graphene also has a unique electron structure which allows it to emit far-infrared that can be better absorbed by the human body.”


Sounds good…


“The HeatPulse also has twin vibrating cores positioned at the side to target the whole joint and provide relief, strengthen surrounding muscles and improve joint lubrication.”


Almost perfect...


“It’s also the hottest on the market and comes with a unique proprietary buckle design and extension strap to fit a wider range of limb sizes, and can even be used on the shoulder and elbows.”


Getting there…


“And it comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee so you can try it before you commit.”


Done deal. I was sold.

I ordered the HeatPulse immediately. And the first time I tried it, I was impressed right away and how quickly my knee felt better.

Seriously, I can use it for a few minutes and I’d be walking around my house doing chores and my knee won't hurt.


I've become a big believer.


I also travel a lot and I take the HeatPulse with me every time. As a light packer, it’s still one of my “must-brings”. On ski trips, mountain biking trips, or just regular vacations where I want to walk a lot and see the sights.


And it's small, compact, and fits nicely in my carry-on. It's worth it for sure. I recommend it to everyone who has knee pain.

Looking back, I only have one regret.

I regret that I spent too long trying out PISS poor solutions and just blindly trusting my doctor, without looking to see what else was out there.


Not to say that my doctor is bad or gave me the wrong recommendations. But their prescriptions are usually to help you suppress symptoms instead of treating the root cause of the problem.


And I wish I found out about the HeatPulse earlier. I could have saved so much time, money and worry otherwise.


You can definitely learn from my mistakes. Life has brought you to this very moment. It’s up to you to make the right choice.


If you’ve read all the way up till this point, you may be looking for a solution for your knee pain. And something told you that this might have the answer you need.


You’re not wrong. If I had skipped past the HeatPulse Knee back then and continued doing what I was doing…


I would be living the same way as before. Slowly breaking down my body with painkillers and pharmacological drugs.


And all of that eventually only leads to one thing: surgery.


Thankfully, I chose to take a different path and here I am today, living my best life.

So if you’re ready to take control of your pain and live your best life, check out the HeatPulse Knee Massager today.


Visit their website to read reviews and see more success stories of other people who have changed their lives for the better with the HeatPulse.

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