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Knee Pain & Healing


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Identifying the cause of your knee pain is crucial for you to choose the best treatment. Some conditions may be milder and can heal with the right home remedies, while others may be more serious and require medical intervention.

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Tendons are the bands of tissue that connects muscle to bone.

Tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon or its covering which will cause pain and swelling. Tendonitis can also lead to the weakaning of the tendon that may cause tearing.

Common cause:

  • series of small stresses that repeatedly aggravate the tendon.


Specific conditions:

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knee pain test
HP and TS

How using the HeatPulse
and Thermosleeve can help


Heat & Massage


HeatPulse Knee Massager

For stiffness, tightness, and range of motion

For older injuries 

Encourages healing


Cold & Compression


Thermosleeve Cold
Compression sleeve

Ice & compression

For pain, swelling, and inflammation

First 72h after injury / flare-up of old injury

Provides relief



Rushing into medical interventions

People often neglect home remedies that can be highly effective, yet less risky and less expensive. They also fail to consider the various drawbacks of medical interventions.

Neglecting home remedies

No matter your knee condition, the right home remedies can greatly help your recovery and rehabilitation. Cold, heat and massage are all highly effective for treating knee conditions.

Over-relying on pain killers

Painkillers may seem like an easy fix for knee pain. However, these have various side effects ranging from mild to severe, and the risks increase with long-term use.

Not prioritising recovery

Many people rush back into sports after getting treated. However, recovery is a long and difficult journey. Without proper
rehabilitation, you can easily reinjure yourself.

Why you should try 
the HeatPulse and 

Cost-effective and risk free

Convenient home remedy

No side-effects

Designed for recovery


Hear from customers
who have experienced relief